Radijator BIOlux UNI 20 granulu katls

Granulu katls Radijator BIOlux UNI 20

Īss apraksts
  • Ražotājs: RADIJATOR (Serbija)
  • Garantija: 2 gadi

2,192.00  Cena ar PVN

  • BIOlux UNI 20 is designed for combustion of wooden pellet. Wooden pellet is made of pure cellulose. Wooden chips under a high pressure are made into pellet that have diameter of 6mm and length 2-3mm.
  • BIOlux UNI 20 should be installed in the boiler room, but it have advantage in situations when is needed to use lesser space.
  • Chimney that is used for BIOlux UNI 20 is typical and its diameter at least should be 120mm. Chimney also must fulfill other conditions and standards as its written in technical manual.
  • Nominal power of BIOlux UNI 20 according to standard EN 303-5:2012 is 19,75 kW.
  • The following things are installed within UNI 20 :
    • Circular pump,
    • Expansive bowl of 10 litres,
  • The combustion process is led automatically; the user just chooses one of the three possibilities of combustion power. Firing is done electrically. It is possible to programme working mode and period of work termination by week-timer.

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