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Saules baterijas Suntech STP275 – 20/Wfw, partija 10 gab., 2.75 kWp

Īss apraksts

Polikristaliskās saules baterijas, partija 10 gab. Kopēja jauda 2.75 kWp. Ja jums ir vajadzīga lielāka partija – lūdzam sazināties ar mums.

Produkta garantija – 12 gadi, efektivitātes saglabāšanas garantija: 12 gadi ne zemāk kā 90.5%, 25 gadi – ne zemāk kā 80.7%.


1,536.00  1,400.00  Cena ar PVN

Saules baterijas SUNTECH STP275-20/Wfw, partija 10 gab., 2.75 kWp

Produkta īpašības:

Trust Suntech Power 275W Poly Solar Panel STP275-20/WFW (5BB) to Deliver Reliable Performance Over Time. 

• World-class manufacturer of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules
• Unrivaled manufacturing capacity and world-class technology
• Rigorous quality control meeting the highest international standards: ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and ISO17025: 2005
• Regular independently checked production process from international accredited institute/company
• Tested for harsh environments (salt mist, ammonia corrosion and sand blowing testing: IEC 61701, 2PfG 1917/05.11, DIN EN 60068-2-68)***

Special 5 busbar design

The unique cell design leads reduction in electrodes resistance, shading area and raise in conversion efficiency. Residual stress distribution can be more even, reducing the micro-cracks risks.

Industry-leading Warranty based on nominal power

• 97.5% in the first year, thereafter, for years two (2) through twenty-five (25), 0.7% maximum decrease from MODULE’s nominal power output per year, ending with the 80.7% in the 25th year after the defined WARRANTY STARTING DATE.****
• 12-year material and workmanship warranty

Compact and Durable Frame Design

The new compact frame means more modules per package, so it saves your shipping and inventory cost. The rigid and durable hollow chamber guarantees the same long-term and reliable performance.

IP67 Rated Junction Box

The Suntech IP68 rated junction box ensures an outstanding waterproof level, supports installations in all orientations and reduces stress on the cables. High reliable performance, low resistance connectors ensure maximum output for the highest energy production.

STP275_WfwMC4_275_270_265 DATA SHEET