Kombinētie granulu-koksnes katli Radijator BIOmax

Kombinētie granulu-koksnes katli Radijator BIOmax

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Boilers BIOmax 35 and BIOmax 23.1 came after many years of experience with pellet boilers series. Of course it is still possible to use other than wood pellets and pitted cherries, cherry, etc…

For other fuels that would use automatic ordering are needed additional adaptation mechanism for dosage, so you should consult our construction department.

The last time all the present and agro pellets. This series generators can be used as fuel, but it should be noted that the prescribed power boiler is very dependent on the calorific power of agro pellets and that the process cleaning should be done more frequently as compared to wood pellets, because the larger amount of ash.

One of the main features in terms of universal fuel for BIOmax 35 and BIOmax 23.1 series is to shift the automatic loading of pellets, the hand-firing wood and coal by only a few seconds. This is remained one of the comparative advantages of our construction, with the difference that now Rostova for wood and coal from cast iron and easily interchangeable.

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